‍'Orsten' Taxa    (Version with  PDF, preliminary)

‍Table of 'Orsten' Taxa (from Australia, China, Poland, Sweden, and UK so far)

‍This is our first, almost complete list of more than 50 'Orsten' fossil taxa (name giving also by others, of course) and the only one that is authorized by us. Current update from April 15, 2011

‍Note that Agnostos pisiformis is different from the rest of 'Orsten' arthropods in so far that it has been known for long in form of its calcitic head and tail shields of the large specimens. What is still missing in this list are the cambrogeorginids, palaeoscolecids and more non-arthropods and small shellies, which will be added in due course.

‍We list the following items:

  • ‍▪ Number
  • ‍▪ Taxon (mainly species)
  • ‍▪ Locality/stratigraphic range
  • ‍▪ Systematics
  • ‍▪ Major reference(s)
  • ‍▪ Picture if available

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